Childhood Drawings

Train and Beaver Lodge, 1960
The Fireman, 1960
The Garbageman, 1960
Gas Stations, 1960
Duck, 1960
Helicopter, 1960
Turkey, 1960
A Winter Tree, 1960
An Autumn Tree, 1960
Elephants, 1960
Birds, 1960
Birds in Flight, 1960
Man on the Moon, 1961
Battleships, 1961
Antique Cars #1, 1961
Antique Cars #2, 1961
Popeye, 1961
Man on Horse, 1961
Man, Horse, and Dog, 1961
Christmas Scene, early 1960s
Horse, 1961
Horse #2, early 1960s
Cow and Calf, early 1960s
Hen and Chicks, early 1960s
Deer #1, early 1960s
Deer #2, early 1960s
Ducks and Moose, early 1960s
Three KIngs and Castle, 1962
Nativity Scene, 1962
Portrait, 1962
Girl with Measles, 1962
Coffee and Cats, 1962
Goldfinches and Ruddy Turnstone, early 1960s
Bears, early 1960s
Duck and Kingfisher, early 1960s
Burdock, 1965
Mallard, 1960s
Mallards, 1960s
Swan and Helicopter, 1960s
Canada Goose and Chickadee, 1960s
Jack-in-the-pulpit, 1960s
Trillium, 1960s
Percy, early 1960s
Percy and Clarence, 1960s
Dog, 1960s
Air, 1960s
Science, 1960s
Health, 1960s
Locusts and Airplane, 1960s
Hummingbird, 1960s
Dracula and his Castle, 1960s
Pirate, 1960s
French Soldier, 1960s
British Isles, 1960s
Sainte Marie, 1960s
Clan House, 1960s
Landscape, 1960s
Big Foot, 1960s
Percy the Budgie, 1960s
Still Life, 1960s
Tenderleaf Tea Birds, 1960s
Bird Stamps, 1960s
Canada Goose Stamp, 1960s
Owl, 1960s
Mr. Mercury, 1960s
Old Yeller, 1960s
Front Door, 1960s
Loon, 1960s
Swallows and Red Convertible, 1960s
Raccoon and Clearcut, 1960s
Dino the Dog #1, 1960s
Dino the Dog #2, 1960s
Dino, 1960s
Volcano with Bird, 1960s
Skull Mushrooms, 1960s
Werewolf, 1960s
Bad Dream, 1960s